Occupational Medicine

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Besides providing great care, we understand the workers' compensation system, and its impact on your company's financial health.  We believe something that can be cured in 3 weeks, shouldn’t take 8 weeks to heal.  It is not enough to fix the problem; we must also fix the problem as efficiently as possible.

At Amelia Express Care, we strive to do the right thing in all our activities.  Starting with the injured employee, we will make medical decisions based on scientifically proven treatments.  The fancy name for this is "evidence based medicine".  When an employee needs work restrictions, they will be based on the injury, and be clearly communicated to both the employer, and the employee.  We never lose sight of the fact that the employee works for you, the company, not for us.  It is not up to us to send the injured employee home, rather, we will give the employee reasonable restrictions and let you decide if you can accommodate these restrictions.   After seeing a new injury, the doctor will call you, the employer, and simply explain the injury, the treatment plan and any necessary restrictions. We will give you a time frame to expect healing of this injury. 

All our providers are a phone call away to answer any of your questions regarding a particular injury, or general occupational medicine question.  It is our goal on any injured employee for both the employer and employee to understand the injury, the treatment and any rehabilitation needed and both will have their concerns listened to and addressed.